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Anal Glow 2 oz


Anal Glow 2 oz - 1049 Views

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Anal Glow 2 oz Description
Anal Glow is a desensitizing lotion and lubricant. A benzocaine base gel that helps ease the discomforts of anal sexual activity. By applying a small amount on the rectum, this cream helps desensitize and relaxes the sphincter muscle. Anal Ease allows finger or penis penetration with greater ease and enjoyment. Can also be used as a numbing gel for plucking eyebrows, removing splinters, a toothache, or just any discomfort.
Please note that persons allergic to novacaine should use this product with care or not at all. It does not contain novacaine but a substance in the same family.

Individuals who engage in anal intercourse, in which the penis is inserted into the anus, should use artificial lubrication because of the lack of lubricating glands in the anus. Many males also use artificial lubricants to facilitate masturbation.
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