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What can Business 3.0 do for my Organization?

You are probably using some kind of social media to market your brand. And as for most, social media is likely not providing the results you've wished for. Social media technologies can be beneficial for marketing but don't always seem best for e-commerce. When was the last time you made a sale from Facebook? MySpace? It might be time to invest and leapfrog your competition.

The solution: Business 3.0ís technology can turn any social media campaign into a revenue-generating utility by exploiting the power of social networks, social media techniques and e-commerce in a single unique utility. An action can be as little as commenting on a picture to as large as purchasing a week-long vacation in Hawaii. Either way, consumer's action spark free viral word-of-mouth advertising on social networks. Your solution can be customized to fit any need you have within Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.

Social Networks are here to stay- Start taking advantage of it.

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Business 3.0 Functions, Features, and Tools

Social Network Marketing Solutions (SNMS) Many businesses are in need of a presence on social networks but are lost on how.  Let Business 3.0 help your business gain traction through social networks. With Social Network Markerting Solutions (SNMS), you brand can have a viral marketing and sales application on three major social networks.  Interested in knowing how SNMS or Business 3.0's other technologies can help your brand on social networks? Contact us and let's chat.

Social Business Profiles
  1. Instant Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo presence.
  2. Product and service listing
  3. Live chat
  4. Integrated payment solutions: NXGEN and PayPal
  5. Many viral and WOM features
  6. Employees can have a BRAND presence on their profile
  7. Keep customers up-to-date with every new product
  8. Profile and product stats across all networks
  9. And more!

NXGEN Integrated Payment Solution: Get a free analysis for any business.

Business 3.0 Social Shopping For Users

With one central shopping center on all social networks, your products have the potential to spread virally through social networks simply through user activity and friend interactions.  Word-of-mouth advertising is free!

Social Shopping Center Includes: iTagged: Tag items for your friends to see Gift Ideas: Find gift ideas for friends by using theinterests they identified in their profile Most Wanted List: Add items to your wishlist and publish them on the newsfeed in your social network Testimonials

Ryan Miller wrote - b3buy is awesome. So far, it's had everything i could think of to add to my wish list. My friend's birthday is coming up and i was thinking how easy it would be to know what she wants if she were using it. It's fast and easy, i'm sold. Phillip Clark wrote - b3buy is the first application that can provide you with a customized shopping space that is easy to use, safe and not intrusive. You can be as private or as public with your shopping desires as you please! This is the perfect e-commerce solution for all your online purchases.

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